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Snap & Win… Romantic dinner & camel riding before LCCT…

As the saying goes… Pictures worth more than a thousand words, this is a story about a couple having their romantic dinner and the way how they come to camel ridding, before catching up with their flight in LCCT for vacations…..

This is a story a bout a traveler –  John, a man who likes trying out new things in life

He has just married his beautiful wife – Jean, a broadcaster by profession

They have decided their honeymoon trip, and it’s today the wonderful day of their trip…

After having everything packed, they’re taking a smooth drive down the street heading to LCCT airport..

While driving down the road, Jean suggested having their dinner at Sushi Tei, the restaurant where they first met each other…

John agrees that it’s indeed a great idea… having a romantic candlelite dinner in Sushi Tei, the place where he first met Jean when he was working part-time as Singer…

Well, the restaurant and the ambient looks just the same.

But it came to their surprise, when the waiter asked John – 你割咗未啊?

Oppz! It looks like there’s something new here! ;)  :)

The waiter was trying to sell their Membership Program – “Join us now! It cuts the charges!!”

Today’s special promotion. Join us now to enjoy Half Price off the menu!

“Hurry Up!”

John doesn’t really like the idea. He is young and rich.

He prefers a MEANINGFUL and romantic candlelite dinner with his beloved Jean,

rather then a “Half-Price Dinner” for his special one..

Out of self pride he pulled his AMERICAN EXPRESS Card out of his wallet and flaunt,

saying to the waiter “Let’s say no further, just bring me the meal, and i’ll pay the bill”

After having done with their dinner, they’ve found flat tyre with their vehicle…

Since they’re in a rush to catching up with their flight, Jean suggested taking a taxi

Somehow when John looked around, he saw a “Camel Renting Company” with  their camels resting by the lush greeneries…

He has a better idea now.

Wow! He want a whole new experience of camel ridding to airport!  :)

He believe they can still make it to airport, on time!

So, he paid the rent and buy the AmAssurance  – a must for camel running on the road ;)

How wonderful discovering a very own ever after kind of experience, of camel riding to Airport…

Along the journey, there’re girls looking at them in admirations…

They think it’s fun! Cool!

Without much hurdles, they reached the airport.. and grab some snacks..

and, caught the AsiaAsia flight on time to their destinations…

Lovely life and journey ever after….

The end of story…  ;)

Bali – Sunset, Heritage, and Shopping Paradise


Sunset at Uluwatu, Bali

Sunset at Uluwatu, Bali

I think I have had enough of advertising posts filling up my blog for a start, and so I guess it is time putting up content of my own.

Let’s talk about Bali, a place I’ve visited twice so far. Have you ever been to this beautiful island? Very likely, I will be there again.

Bali’s truly a fascinating tourist spot famous for its natural attractions including miles of sandy beaches (a place where surfers love so much), an excellent place for evening stroll, sunset view, and hang-around for couples and families. However, their attractions do not stop just here. There are picturesque rice terrace, monkey forest, exotic wildlife, ancient temples (you must not miss the Temple On The Sea at Tanah lot), active volcano (Kintamani) where you can dine and enjoy great scenery at the same time (but I find their food at Kintamani is just not too great to my liking); and amongst all, sunset at Tanah Lot is a must visit! Talking about food, Jimbaran is known for its seafood (I don’t find it great either, you can find better food else where), but I would say it’s the ambient (candlelight dinner by the seaside) that makes it great.

Talking about heritage value – the ancient temples, cultural heritage, drama, traditional dance, and music are visible every where. If you stroll along their street at night, besides pubs (at Kuta and Legain) , restaurants, and people busy with shopping, you may notice village folks gathering at spots enjoying music instruments and traditional music. At certain hours, you will find traditional dance such as Barong dance, Kecak and Fire dance. You can find the Bali dance schedule at

Ladies will go crazy doing shopping in Ubud, Tanah Lot, and Sukawati! You can find handbags, jewelry, paintings, clothing, wood carving, and good collections of souvenirs are selling at good bargains! Of course, you’ll love it especially you’re good at bargaining. You can even start your bargain with a price of 70% discount, and sometimes… you could be surprise! If you like indulging yourself in Spa (at very good price) and Balinese Massage, you can grab one with great value for money too!

Well, talking about so many great things to see and do in Bali, you can easily organize your trip and go around by hiring a multi-lingual driver cum tour guide with a van for 4-6 passengers. It cost me 300K-350Krp a day, but the price varies depending on the type of vehicle used. More importantly, you’ll not reluctant paying more for a good tour guide, rather than the one who bring you to limited places but the ones that bring him commission.

Oh, one last thing, beware of the so-called “money changers” who offer better rates than the licensed outlets. I saw their tricks!



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